A Sprinkling of Jewels
Compiled by Kalyani and Peter Lawry

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Available also at Bob’s meetings.

A Sprinkling of Jewels is a beautiful compilation of Bob’s pointers. This distillation of his teachings is indeed a collection of sparkling jewels. The book includes one of his complete spiels – a stream of insights and instruction that he gives at the beginning of each meeting. Images of Bob and photos taken in and around his home form the background to the text. This 90 page book produced is in black and white. Each pointer reflects the light of understanding and has the capacity to take you home.

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Beyond Words Beyond Mind (Booklet)
By Bob Adamson

“As the title suggests, this book is not about something which can really be grasped by the mind or formulated in concepts, yet it can be recognised, and through Bob’s words it can even feel familiar. This beautiful book is a gentle evocation of That which is prior to thought. I highly recommend it as as part of any heartfelt exploration of non-duality.”
– Vincent Gill

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Only That – The life and teaching of Sailor Bob
Written, compiled and edited by Kalyani Lawry.
Also available as an ebook and in Dutch and Japanese translations.

“A modern classic – Bobs remarkable life story is simply portrayed with the non-dual teachings woven into his biography; a beautiful and subtle approach in presenting the man and his teachings. The second part of the book is very pure and direct. Every pointer is presented like one of Bob’s evening sessions: an opening spiel followed by questions and Bob’s pointers. It is the closest experience to hearing Bob in his sessions.”
– Stephen.

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Available in Dutch and Japanese translations


Awareness of Being is Stillness (ebook)
Edited by Sabine NowHere and Trevor Long
Available as an ebook for $15 AUD.

Awareness of Being is Stillness is a new 48 page “booklet” of material transcribed from a couple of Bob’s meetings and edited by Sabine NowHere and Trevor Long. Capturing Bob’s “voice” through some sincere and heartfelt interchanges, this is new material and contributes to Bob’s existing published work. It is available now as an ebook through the following link for $15 AUD:


What’s Wrong With Right Now? If You Don’t Think About It! (EBook)
Edited by Gilbert Schultz.
Available as an ebook for $10 AUD.
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This book is a compilation of dialogues with seekers who attend the weekly meetings with Bob at his home in Melbourne, Australia.

Bob’s words, delivered with a rare immediacy and authority, cut through the self-imposed barriers of the mind to reveal the freedom that is our original nature.

One Essence eBook cover

One Essence Appearing as Everything (EBook)
Edited by Gilbert Schultz.
Available as an ebook for $10 AUD.
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Livingness, the natural state, is always and ever present. Within this book – composed of transcriptions of meetings with Bob Adamson, affectionately known as “Sailor Bob” – there are many pointers to this natural Non-conceptual state of your own being. It is that state which ultimately is never truly hidden and yet is most often overlooked and ignored.